Oracle HRMS Important Questions

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Here are answers to some questions that were asked on knoworacle blog:


1: Can we change the employee number generation from automatic to manual?and vice-e-versa? If yes, then what is the procedure?

2: Can we delete DFFs?

3: What is the salary management concept is Oracle HRMS?How it works?

4: I want to increase 25% of basic for an employee?What are the possible ways to do it?


And here are the answers:

1. Yes, this can be done. You need to change the setup at the Organization at the Business group level. Go the organization form, query for the business group (top level). Under details sections select Number Generation as you want.


2. Technically, yes. What do you want to delete in the DFF? Data, or a segment? or to stop using a complete DFF structure? All of these are possible.


3. Salary Management feature provides you the ability to define salaries, compensation objects, assign salaries to individuals, salary approvals, salary calculation, raise/decrease etc.


4. If you want to do it just for one employee? or for entire organizations? Normally salary increase is done during the regular review cycles and then posted over in salary using APIs. From the Salary form or webpage, you can add new salary effective from any date you want and add the % or $ amount increase.


For more details either go through Oracle HRMS User guide, or Logicwala's Oracle HRMS Training DVD.

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