Oracle Cloud Security Console Add Role button is greyed out

You go to Security Console, select a User. You want to edit the user details and assign them certain roles.

But – the ADD ROLE button is greyed out. What do you do?

Problem: Unable to add role to user in Security Console. Whether you try this for Out of the Box (OOTB) roles or custom roles, when you follow any of the below steps, you see the same behavior.

– Security Console > Users tab > Search for User > Click Edit > “Add Role” button is disabled
– Security Console > Roles Tab > Search for Role > Click Edit > Click users tab > “Add Users” button is disabled

So the question is – Why the ‘Add User’ button is grayed out and disabled on the Edit Role ‘Users’ train-stop?

And here is the answer:

There are two reasons the ‘Add User’ button could be grayed out and disabled on the Edit Role ‘Users’ trainstop.

1. Role Category of the role being Edited.  Security Console only allows adding users to: job, abstract, data, and a few other role categories.
2. Admin ‘Enable edit of user role membership’ option.

Most likely it is #2. And hers is how to fix that:

  • Go to Security Console > Administration Tab > Roles Sub tab
  • Notice the checkbox unchecked for “Enable edit of user role membership”


  • Check the checkbox for “Enable edit of user role membership”.
  • Click on SAVE Button

(Information in this article applies to Oracle Fusion Cloud Version and later.)

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